Bourg sur gironde

picturesque and surrounded by vineyards

Bourg sur Gironde is a medieval village which is just picturesque and surrounded by vineyards.  Situated on the Gironde Estuary it has cobbled streets and narrow alleys.  If you just walk around the town the architecture of all of the buildings is just really lovely.   You can see the sandstone buildings, many of which are now being restored.    Slightly hilly so flat shoes for the ladies are the best option.

Although Bourg is a small village it has an abundance of restaurants where you can eat locally caught fish or fresh meats.   Many places to snack with crepes and ice creams.   Little artisan shops are dotted around, also lots of places to have that local glass of wine.  The market day in the town is on Sunday mornings from 8.00am until approximately  Throughout the summer months many brocantes/vide greniers (street markets)  are held which attract many people. These provide great atmosphere where many interesting items can be bought.

 Great things to do

 From the tourist office you can book to go on a cruise on the Estuary experiencing wine tastings.  If hiking and walking is what you like to do, this village and its surroundings are perfect for you.   If you are not so athletic, at the Tourist Office you can hire electric bikes on a morning/afternoon/day rate.   For the adventurous you can even go on a plane ride.  If you are less adventurous and prefer to drive a little, the route de la Corniche is picturesque and Perfect.

For the children there is the lake where they can feed the ducks.  Picnic areas are in abundance and all of this is just located 2 minuets from the large outdoor swimming pool.  Children just love this.

Not forgetting all the wonderful wine tours available in many Chateaux in and around the  Bourg wine appellation. You can either contact the the Bourg Tourist office where they will have a list for you or why not just pop into the first Chateau you see and we know everyone will be happy to show you around.


In the heart of the Cotes de Bourg, the windmill of Lansac is situated at the top of a 69metre hill where you can take advantage of an 360° view over the region


Pair-non-Pair was discovered in 1881 by a prominent archaeologist, François Daleau. Acquired by the state in 1900, it became the first cave classified as an historical monument. Tours are limited, pre-booking is a must


What an impressive panorama view of the estuary. Nestled between cliffs on one side and the river on the other, the drive is unforgettably well worth it. With a panoramic view of the beautiful natural scenery and the estuary, the charming houses, and the explosion of natural beauty that surrounds you

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