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Bordeaux is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site recognised for its outstanding architectural heritage

Bordeaux is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site recognised for its outstanding architectural heritage. The Place de la Bourse which features the reflecting pool (Mirroir D’Eau) is a must see.  The now finished restoration of The Grand Theatre (the national opera house) makes this another place not to miss.  Its neo-classical design with 12 columns and statues that are carved into the sandstone is spectacular.  You can also purchase tickets for ballets and classical music concerts.   A michelin starred restaurant is also located on the side of The Grand Theatre.


 The old city houses the Pont de Pierre with its 17 magnificent arches. The Saint Michelle area has the Saint Michelle Basilica, flamboyant gothic church.  Esplanade des Quinconces has the Momument Aux Girondinos the beautiful fountain.  Here there are many outside cafe’s where you can sit and take a drink.  Just watch the world go by.  Perfect.   It’s in this area also that the antique markets are frequently held.  Picking up that bargain in such great surroundings is a delight.


Bordeaux has such an abundance of things to see and do, the list is long. To help you see everything the city has a pass allowing you access to transport, tourist, cultural and attractions.  This is available for a daily fee.  If you feel you would like a more personal tour these are also available.  Bars, restaurants again are in abundance with all kinds of cuisine.  The Rue St Catherine should be drawn to the attention of our ladies.  Many large designer stores but also many small independent ones too.  Great Shopping!


Also look out for Parliament Square which is full of restaurants where you are treated to jazz street musicians playing.

Throughout the summer months the city hosts a huge array of different events.   It is wise to check with the tourist office for more detailed

Get to know the real city

Scattered around Bordeaux, around 1,500 bicycles are available to visitors to hop on to get around. Bordeaux is the 4th most bicycle-friendly city in the world. Average per bicycle 10€

Tour with an open top bus

Discover the city and its major monuments. Tour last 60 minutes and price is set to 12.50€ All reservations are made directly at the tourist office in Bordeaux city centre

Gastronomic pleasures

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about. brasseries, wine bars, or theme restaurants, you are sure to find a meal to your taste.

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