Blaye Unesco World heritage Site

The Citadel de Blaye is a Unesco World heritage Site and something worth seeing

Blaye is a market town that sits on the Gironde estuary.  It is just full of history with lots of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy.  Situated just 10 minutes’ drive from Chateau Bavolier.  This is also your access point to the car ferry which will take you to the Medoc.  Throughout the summer months, Blaye has many individual events which they host so always check with the tourist office for dates and further information.  

The Citadel de Blaye is a Unesco World heritage Site and something worth seeing.  Many tours are available in the Citadel which also take you deep into the tunnels underneath.  The tours are also available in English.  It is open 7 days a week all year round and the entrance is free of charge. The citadel itself has many little craft shops and restaurants just waiting for you to experience and enjoy.

The market is where you can buy everything from homemade cheeses, meats and fresh fish to all kinds of vegetables.   They are on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8:00am until approximately 12.30pm. Plenty of free parking is available while you stroll and take in the atmosphere that this historical town has to offer.


For wine lovers, the Blaye appellation  in total covers approximately 6,000 hectares, with no fewer than 700 winegrowers.  Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux (Reds) are mainly Merlot grape variety blends.  This gives a deep colour and a beautiful fruity aroma.  While the appelation is not renowned for its white wine, Côtes de Blaye white is a must taste.  The star grape variety is Sauvignon which gives you a lovely citrus aroma, good acidity, and long soft aftertaste.   Owners of these Chateaux offer wine tastings giving you friendly and knowledgeable tours.  In their wineries they are very happy to show you everything.

You can also take advantage of Europe’s largest estuary.  Stretched along  for 70 kms.  It  has shaped out  the landscape of the Gironde region.   Cliffs, vineyards, islands and wonderful nature sites.  These are all the things that you can enjoy while cruising on a boat trip from the town.   Mapped out Biking trails are also available you to do.  These trails take you through the vineyards and villages so it is a great way to see the area.

vineyards galore

Discover the beautiful vineyards of Blaye cotes de Bordeaux. Many property owners offer guided tours free of charge

Widest estuary in Europe

The Gironde estuary is the widest in Europe, it is about 45 miles long, and 8 miles wide. There are many boat trips available for you to discover the true beauty of nature

Events throughout

Blaye hosts events throughout the year, blaye wine festival will be hosted 13 April 2019 and blaye marathon on the 11th of May

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